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Meet Zabrain Wandroo Writer Publish Her Debut Novel

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Meet Zabrain Wandroo Writer Publish her Debut Novel A 16-year-old girl from Srinagar is emerging as one of the youngest writer and a poet with an aim to educate youth about how to handle the societal pressures.

Meet Zabrain Wandroo Writer Publish Her Debut Novel

She is a student of Kothi Bagh Higher Secondary has recently published her debut novel “Her Suicide Note“. Wandroo, a resident of Khanyar, Srinagar Kashmir said that she wasn’t interested in writing much, however, she was keenly studying reports on different issues of society through various mediums.

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When I saw how society pressure is compelling youth to take harsh steps, I thought there is need to write on these things to educate people,” she said, adding that people usually take harsh steps because of minor pressures which they can handle in a meticulous way.

Meet Zabrain Wandroo Writer said about her book

Zabrain said in her 51 page book, she has touched every age group, how false traditions of society end up in leaving people in depression which ultimately leads them to take harsh steps. “In my book I have written how can we handle pressure easily and satisfy society as well as parents and relatives,” she said.

Zabrain said that she spend most of her leisure time discussing politics, reading books and playing basketball and the aim of the author in life is to become a social worker and a successful author.

A person should share his/her knowledge because if a person leaves this world, their knowledge will stay alive,” she said, adding that she strongly believes that culture defines a person and one should always entertain it’s culture no matter how low or high they are in life.

Zabrain Wandroo Writer message for youth of J&K

Zabrain Wandroo message to the youth of J&K will be that be strong in each and every situation and never let depression and other things decide your fate.

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