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Whatsapp Tricks and Tips No one Will Tell Such Tips & Tricks

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Whatsapp Tricks and Tips No one Will Tell Such Tips & Tricks

Whatsapp Tricks and Tips No one Will Tell Such Tips & Tricks

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about some such features in WhatsApp tricks and tips that you should know if you are a WhatsApp user! If you people use WhatsApp more for a chat or apply for status, and talk to many people, then you should know these features, which are going to be useful for your lifetime! And it’s very useful! So let’s know about these settings further.

Whatsapp Trick And Tips: Whatsapp Tricks 

If you message someone, and he does not reply to you, no matter how many messages you have, he is not replying, I am getting the double ticked messages, but blue teak is not happening, maybe Has he kept the read receipt hidden or turned it off? This will double teak in your phone but not blue teak!
So now how can I know whether he has seen my message or not! Because blue teak is not happening! The same thing happens in the WhatsApp group too, everyone sees the message, but only single teak comes! So you can also see there who has seen your message of yours!
To see all this, simply you have to long-press the message sent by you, that means to select your message, then click on the three-dot at the top. And click on the info there! There it will show you whether your message is lying or not!
If you want that you get someone’s WhatsApp message and he does not even know that I do not even get blue teak in it, then just you have to do a trick-
1 – You turn on Flight Mode on your phone!
2 – Then open WhatsApp, and see the message!
3 – Then turn off the Flight Mode!
4 – Now you are done!
You must be doing voice messages but you know that you can listen to voice messages before sending it. All you have to do is touch the mic and swipe up, this will lock the mic, and you will be able to record voice messages well!
If you talk to someone constantly and every day in chat, and you think that somewhere he can show you blackmail or someone else from your chat, then you have to go to his profile and there Disappearing messages option. I have to go and click!
After that, an option will come by message timer, choose one option from it! Suppose you have selected 24 hours, then after 24 hours the chat made by you will be automatically deleted. If any new message has come in your WhatsApp or not, and you want that you do not have to come online and we will know who has sent which message! can you find out?

With the help of Google Assistant, all you have to do is wake up your Google and say, Hey Google, there’s a new message on WhatsApp! Now if a message has come, Google will tell you whose message it is, and what is written in the message, then you can answer directly with the help of Google without touching your hands and coming online!

Now talking about the data here, in your WhatsApp, there are many groups of unnecessary chats which have no business, they just keep sending you photos and videos of waste, now you see whether they are automatically downloaded and assembled on the phone. Goes! And take up storage, I also end up with your phone’s data!
To avoid this, you have to turn off the auto-download. Now almost everyone knows this, but very few people do it! Now for this, you have to go to WhatsApp setting, then go to storage and data, and media auto-download, after knowing when I click on using data, then all the options that will come to be unticked! This will mean that no photo videos will be downloaded without your consent!

Whatsapp Tricks and Tips Privacy policy

Many people think that since the new privacy policy of WhatsApp has come, they are taking our data, whatever we do on WhatsApp, they are watching everything! Now you can see what kind of data is going to WhatsApp! You can see all the data that WhatsApp is taking from you!
For this you have to go to WhatsApp setting, then go to Account, here you will get Request account info, you have to click on it, then click on Request report! And then you will be told that it will take three days, wait for three days for us to give you the data! After that, you will get the option to download! And you can download it, it will be in the given text file! You can see as much data as they have! This will end your confusion!
If you think that your WhatsApp account has been hacked, or that any of your friends are using OTP. By taking your own account can be run in it, so to avoid this, you can enable Two-Step Verification! And you must keep it enabled!
With this, when you open Whatsapp, it will ask for the security PIN created by you. Whatsapp will not open until the pin is received. For this, you have to Open Settings – Account – Two-Step Verification – tap on Enable – Enter a 6 – digit PIN – Add an Email Address or Skip it – tap on Done.

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