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Meet Nadiya Shafi Gadda Resident of Downtown Srinagar

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Meet Nadiya Shafi Gadda Resident of Downtown Srinagar. Raised in a benevolent environment, Nadiya wanted to do something for the welfare of the society.

“Born in a conflict zone, I have been a witness to many fundamental issues getting unnoticed. The solution for these problems is to look beyond conflict and try to bridge the gap between problem and its solution. Since my childhood, She wanted to do things that bring positive changes in the society. Following her vision, after completing Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Women’s College Srinagar, Nadia opted ‘Social work’ for her Masters from University of Kashmir.

Meet Nadiya Shafi Gadda Resident of Downtown Srinagar

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Nadiya has produced more than hundred videos on different topics like, human rights, women issues, health, environment, gender and social justice schemes. She took forward her own feminist education by facilitating a group discussion in Gender Discussion Clubs in Srinagar. The club comprised participants from both the genders of all ages.

Nadiya Shafi Gadda Resident of Downtown Srinagar

They were engaged in discussions about sexuality, patriarchy and gender inequality. Nadiya Shafi is currently pursuing her Masters in Peace and Conflict from Pannasastra University of Cambodia.

Nadiya refuses to be called a ‘video reporter’ and prefers ‘video activist’ instead. “I’m not a video reporter but an activist. I use my camera for the better “I work as a community correspondent with video volunteers where I produce small video reports on the issues which are often left unreported and unrepresented in mainstream media. At Video Volunteers, we are trained to use camera and internet technology as a tool for social change.

Meet Nadiya Shafi Gadda Resident of Downtown Srinagar

While acknowledging the support of her family, she said that, “My family has always been my greatest support system. They have always encouraged me throughout my journey. Now that I’m married my in-laws and husband have shown the same backing for my work.”

“I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people in my life who are equally concerned about the issues that threaten the basic human values.

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