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Meet Yawar Adbal Composer Vocalist Songwriter

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Meet Yawar Adbal Composer Vocalist Songwriter

Meet  Yawar Adbal composer vocalist songwriter and a guitarist, He became an Internet sensation overnight when his 1 minute video went viral and earned appraisals from all over the Kashmir valley.

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This 23 year old artist is a resident of Srinagar and is currently based in Pune. He is  a student of Greenland High School, Nigeen, Hazratbal Srinagar he moved to Pune for further studies in 2010. Yawar got his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications from Pune University and right now he’s enrolled as an MBA student.

“Music has always been a passion to me. Usually, poets and writers and other artistic people dive deep into thinking for their art, however, Tamanna is a composition that came to me as if it was revealed to me, it felt like a god-gift. I had various live concerts in Pune, which introduced me to greater audience and fan following in Pune as well”

Yawar Adbal Composer Vocalist Songwriter

At the moment Yawar is working on his next solo album “Lalwaan Lalwaan”, it is based on the poetry of ‘Soche Kral’, a Kashmiri sufi poet. The album is scheduled to be released in August-2017.

“I’ve grown up listening to Sufi poetry and Kashmiri singers like Rashid Hafiz, Gh. Hasan Sofi and Gulzar Ahmed Mir. The idea behind “lalwaan lalwaan” is to introduce young generation to sufi poetry. Besides, I’m working on my another album “Siyasat” which revolves around dirty politics. The album will be out in 2018” @yawarabdal

Yawar Adbal Composer Vocalist Songwriter

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