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JKBOSE Class 12th business studies unit 3 PDF

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JKBOSE Class 12th business studies Chapter 3 PDF

JKBOSE Class 12th business studies Unit 3 PDF 2022 (Management & Business Environment)


Introduction to Business Environment

Business environment is the overall climate created by internal and external forces within which an enterprise operates. It reflects the overall state of affairs hat affect the entire business community. Business environment is the aggregate of all conditions, creates and influence that surrounds and affect it. The internal management such as philosophy of management, organizational structure, work force, technology, work process are the factors which are under the control of the enterprise. The external factors such as economic conditions, social factors, political set-up, financial institutions, suppliers, customers,  competitors, govt policies influence the enterprise from outside and are beyond its control.

Business environment may be defined as the set of external factors such as the economic factors, sociocultural factors, govt and legal factors, demographic factors, which are uncontrollable in nature and  affects the business decision of a firm or company. It may be said that business environment is the surrounding in which business exists. According to Paire and Anderson, Business environment is the sum of those inputs to an organization which are under the control of organization  or interest groups or are influenced by interaction of several groups, such as economy.

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