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How to Find Stolen Switch off Mobile ! What to do if your mobile is stolen or lost

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How to Find Stolen Switch off Mobile ! What to do if your mobile is stolen or lost

How to Find Stolen Switch off Mobile What to do if your mobile is stolen or lost.

If you or any of your friend’s mobile is lost, and you are not able to decide something like this, what to do, and how to find the switched-off mobile? So in today’s post, we will know what to do if your mobile is stolen or lost? How to find stolen switched-off mobile.

Mobile is such a technology that everyone must have heard about it. And today everyone has a smartphone with me! There will hardly be anyone who does not know about mobile.

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Now you can imagine, how important is mobile for us in today’s time! We always keep our mobile with us. In this way, we forget the mobile somewhere, or we do not have a mobile, then we go out of panic!

So you think and see what will happen if you lose your mobile! By the way, thinking of this only makes people’s condition worse. Because the mobile is bought with great effort, and our personal data is also there in it, there is a fear that someone may misuse it.

Now whenever someone’s mobile is lost, I do not understand what to do! How to find your phone What to do? So do not worry, today you will be given all the information!

How to Find Stolen Switch off Mobile some tips mentioned below

What To Do If Our Mobile Is Lost?

What to do if you lose your phone – Anytime you lose your phone, you will have to do some work by thinking with a cool mind, so that your mobile phone may be found!

Call your lost phone immediately

If you suddenly find out that your phone is lost, and you are not with it, then, first of all, take the phone from whoever is near you, and call your number immediately!

With this, if the phone is near you, then you will hear the ring! And if someone else has got it, then he can also make you a lot! You have to try from your side!

Report the loss of your phone

If you do not get to know anything about your phone when you call. And you are confirmed that I have lost my phone, it is difficult to find it! So without delay, you have to go to the police station and get the report of your phone being lost!

While writing the report of the phone, they will ask for the details and IMEI number of the phone, then you have to tell all the details correctly! After writing the report, you will be given a Complaint number, I will need it after taking care of it!

After writing the report, the police will try to find you by your phone IMEI number! Even if someone misuses your phone during this time, you will still be completely safe!

switch off your sim

Now your lost phone is not working on call, then you have to get your SIM switched off by talking to your service provider as soon as possible! By doing this, whether you will get your phone or not, your SIM will be saved from being misused! And on Khashtor when your number is linked with Paytm, Phone Pe, and Bank!

With this, no one can take OTP by forgetting the password. Otherwise, your bank account may be empty. That’s why I will only benefit you by shutting down the SIM!

Secure Your Social Media Accounts two-step verification

If seen, Emails are very important for us, but with this our Social Media Accounts are also very important. Because many of our secrets are hidden on our social media.

Now if the phone is stolen, anyone can access our social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and many more! Anything wrong or wrong can be done from this! Due to this, your account can be closed, or you can get into some other problem. So you should use two-step verification like security!

Lock Your Device

Application for lost mobile – If you have locked your phone then it is good! And if people are not engaged then this can be a big problem for you! Because a thief can steal all your personal data! So always keep your phone locked!

Now Lok is not installed on your phone, then you can put Lok in the lost phone! For which you have to use Google Find My Device. And you will have to log in on it with the same email id that you used to use on the lost phone!

On the app, you will get the option of Secure Your Device on the second number! On which you can set a good password! Soon after that people will be on your phone!

Erase Your Data

Now that you have locked your phone, still, you are worried about your personal data, then you can erase your data!

Now to erase your data, you have to use Google Find My Device, in this, you will get the option of Erase Data in the last May! Where you can easily clean your data!

Learn how to find stolen switch-off mobile?

How to find mobile by IMEI number – Now finding switched-off mobile is not that easy task, now, for now, the IMEI number is the easiest way to find switched mobile for now!

It is not confirmed even by IMEI that the mobile should be found! For this too, your phone should be in contact with the network for a while! Whether it is your sim or any other sim! Now if you have made a call or even a single message from your phone, then the mobile is traced from the IMEI number!

How do police track mobiles?

The police also track the mobile phone through IMEI and find it. As soon as they come to the mobile network, they get a message, Your Device Is Active, immediately after which the location of the mobile is detected with the help of the mobile company.

What is 14422?

Helpline number for missing mobile – 14422 is a helpline number of CEIR on which you can block your phone by calling! When you lose your phone! Now you can go to the website of CEIR  [Central Equipment Identity Register] and complain about the loss of your phone there! You can also inform the Ministry of Telecommunications about the loss of your mobile by calling CEIR’s helpline 14422.

As soon as you get the information about your phone being lost or stolen, the Ministry of Telecommunications is blocking your phone and data! With this, no one will be able to misuse the phone!

How to know your mobile location from your email ID?

It is very easy to find the location from the Email ID too, for this you have to open Google Find My Device and log in with the Email ID.

Now the mobile in which your email id will be logged in, the name of that mobile network is of which company, that show will happen! The app will then connect the phone, and show the phone location on the map!

Note – But you have to remember your phone’s data and GPS. Must be on!

Today we learned that if the mobile is stolen or lost, what to do? How to find stolen switch-off mobile, helpline number if mobile is lost, how to find mobile from IMEI number, application if mobile is lost, and many more. can share! And tell me your opinion in the comment!

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