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How big is the problem of elder abuse in Kashmir?

How big is the problem of elder abuse in Kashmir?

Elder abuse is like a fast-spreading malignant cancer that erodes our elderly parents of their dignity, self-respect, and security. As in Kashmir elder abuse is primarily a family issue and keeping in view the reputation of the family, most of the cases remain underreported or unreported.

Elder abuse impacts many emotional and physical effects on an elderly parent who look fearful and anxious. They may be depressed, have a loss of appetite, and have insomnia. The agony and mental stress given by their own blood accelerate their process of aging and pre-disposes them of various debilitating chronic diseases. Their existing health issues may worsen because of emotional trauma inflicted by their near ones.

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Unfortunately, in Kashmir elderly people often get abused by the ones who actually should be their caregivers and protector. Not caring for your parents is neglecting them.

How big is the problem of elder abuse in Kashmir?

I have observed that both elderly men and women are at risk of abuse, though the majority of victims are mothers over the age of 70 years. A most common cause of elder abuse in Kashmir is psychological abuse by neglecting and abandoning our parents and by not talking to them properly.

Emotional abuse can cause psychosocial consequences such as mental stress, feeling of worthlessness, embarrassment, depression, shame, self-neglect, and social isolation. Financial abuse is also common in Kashmir among elderly parents who are financially dependent on their children. These parents are made to feel that they are a burden on their children.

They don’t enjoy any kind of financial freedom and are at risk of cognitive impairment and
dementia. I have also witnessed that single elderly persons are easily targeted for financial fraud and stealing by their caretakers. Physical abuse in the form of force-feeding, hitting, pushing, kicking, etc, is not uncommon but remains unreported.

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