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Best 3 value for money iPhones to Buy in 2022

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Best 3 value for money iPhones to Buy in 2022

Best 3 value for money iPhones to Buy in 2022

Presently, iPhone is a largely appreciated phone line and always captures the attention of users every time it launches a product. It can be said that Apple products are always madly entered by usersStill, there are so numerous options that it can be difficult to decide which one to buyThus, the following composition will suggest iPhones in different segments to help you make the best choice.

Here are best 3 value for money iPhones to Buy in 2022

  • iPhone 13 

iPhone 13 is the most affordable iPhone phone in terms of specifications, features and design among all iPhone 13 models. iPhone 13 is6.1- inch in size, and uses OLED panels, so the picture quality is good. The image is extremely sharp with a resolution of over to 1170 x 2532 pixels.

iPhone 13 runs on A15 Bionic processor, which helps iPhone 13 achieve impressive performance compared to challengers in the same segment. A powerful processor is one of the most important aspects of a phone for fast performanceBattery life is inversely important, and the iPhone 13 outperforms it, adding2.5 hours further than previous modelsThus, the use time is longer, especially suitable for high frequence use.
The camera is also important, and the iPhone 13 does not fail. The iPhone 13 is equipped with a dual rear camera cluster with a resolution of 12MP. Thus, the camera increases the capability to capture light up to 47, so the image quality is clear. At the same time, the camera angle is enlarged to 120 degrees to capture a larger scene and capture more details.

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  • iPhone 13 mini

Basically, the iPhone 13 Mini is a smaller version of the standard iPhone 13. The product has an aluminum framethin screen border and a good scrape-resistant tempered glass back. The screen still has the familiar rabbit-ear design, but the defect is treated more minimalistic, to create a feeling of a wider screenindeed though the iPhone 13 mini screen is only5.4 inches in size.

In addition, iPhone 13 Mini has similar performance to other iPhone 13 series, as it also runs on A15 Bionic processor and iOS 15 operating system. That helps optimize and prolong usage. It can be said that the iPhone 13 Mini will run operations as smooth and fast as the most expensive iPhone.
iPhone 13 Mini has a rear camera cluster that’s placed diagonally, not vertically like the iPhone 12 Mini. The purpose of the diagonal camera design isn’t only to produce uniqueness, but also to improve the shooting angle to be larger and further inclusive. The 12 MP main camera and bettered light capture will produce great works whether shooting day or night.


Best 3 value for money iPhones to Buy in 2022

  • iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is a popular iPhone with prices ranging from 15 million to 16 million but extremely high quality. Apple upgraded the chip of iPhone 11 to the Apple A13 Bionic generation and 4 GB RAM rather of 3 GB like former generations.

At such a powerful configuration, iPhone 11 works easily and stably without nearly feeling the lag even after using it for a long time. The battery life of iPhone 11 can be used for 2 days without worrying about running out of battery interior.
Let’s not forget that the iPhone 11 adds an alternate camera lens to capture wide frames compared to the single-lens camera of former generations. Apple iPhone 11 also upgraded the frontal camera resolution to 12 MP, rather of 7 MP. In addition, the iPhone 11 is the first product equipped by Apple with night photography capabilities, so you’re free to take photos of a lifetime even in low light.

The front camera has a smart feature because it has the capability to acclimate the wide-angle selfie mode when you need to take pictures with numerous people. Face ID on iPhone 11 has also been improved to be able to recognize faces at further angles and respond faster. With so numerous features, the iPhone 11 is confident to be a formidable competitor in the same price segment available on the market.

Best 3 value for money iPhones to Buy in 2022

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